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PCC 048 Transfer Paper | FLORALS

PCC 048 Transfer Paper | FLORALS

SIZE 4 in x 5 in

• Condition your clay and roll onto your slab, securing it in place.

• Pre-cut your transfer paper.

You do not want to waste any, right?!

• Place paper bright color side down. Roll over your slab a few times over, this will help secure your paper to your clay.


• Run your clay slab under water with a soft flow. Paper will instantly start to bubble up and wash away.

• If needed you can use a soft brush or your finger to LIGHTLY rub & remove excess paper residue. BE CAREFUL not to press too hard as your image may crack.

• Allow clay slab to dry (any left over paper will turn white, YES you can re-wash your slab to remove) and then bake as instructed by the brand of clay.

• AFTER BAKE: I highly suggest sealing your piece. Although the image is durable, you want to insure your pieces have a long life.

If you run into problems or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out

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